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International Shipping Guide

It is foremost important to determine what kind of item you have. This plays an important role on how it would be handled and transported. Different products have different customs regulations and tax applications. It is also important that you know the regulations and requirements for your item category and where you are exporting to. Then, you must choose a courier company you can trust in shipping your products and determine how much the company will charge you for shipping and how payment is done.

You should also fill the following key documents:

  • Air Waybill
  • Commercial invoice
  • Customs declaration form
  • MSDS document for dangerous goods

After, you must choose the right kind of container of your product and make sure that it is secure. This will affect how the courier will charge you. After packing, you can hand your packages to your courier; either you bring your packages yourself, or they will pick them up for you. You can also track the position of your packages by getting in touch with the courier.

Interested in Customs, Regulations & Standards? Visit the International Trade Administration website by clicking the link below.