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Learn more about our ocean cargo service.

Here are some facts regarding Ocean Cargo that you should be aware of. You can make an informed selection before sending your freight abroad if you understand what ocean cargo is and how long it takes to ship.

  • Ocean Cargo takes roughly 3-3.5 months to arrive in Nairobi from the time of departure.
  • Charges are calculated based on volume rather than weight.
  • There is a $50 minimum charge.
  • The freight rates are all-inclusive — there is no hidden fee.
  • There is an option to track your progress online. The tracking number can be emailed or texted.
  • Embakasi is the location of the pickup warehouse (5 minutes from JKIA off MSA Road).

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You can order products online and have them delivered directly to our warehouse. Please phone us or send an online query from our website if you do not have an account with us.

We can confirm your online orders as they come in and aggregate them at your request.