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Connecting you to Global Destinations

Tracking Your Shipment

Take advantage of our cargo services today. We assure you that your goods will be loaded and unloaded safely and securely.

From coast to coast! We accept shipment to and from any local or international port of destination from North America to Eastern Africa, primarily Kenya, via Air Cargo and Ocean Cargo.

LincTech Marine Transportation is a subsidiary of LincTech that specializes in the shipping and logistics of the company’s products on container loads.

We are centrally located in Kansas City where we have approximately 10,000 Sq. ft. of warehouse space. In Kenya, we have a warehouse in Embakasi, behind Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

We ship our products (computer equipment) in container loads on a regular basis throughout the year. For the last several years, we have extended the shipping opportunities to anyone with items to ship to Kenya. Customers who have shipped items to Kenya through us have reaped the benefits of very competitive rates. Our rates are based on the size of the shipment and never on the weight.

We would highly encourage you to browse our website for more resourceful information.

If you would like to talk to one of our sales and logistics representatives, please complete and submit the shipping inquiry form. One of our representatives will be more than happy to assist.

Our goal is to deliver our promise by shipping your items at affordable rates.