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Are you looking for computer systems and computer peripherals at lower costs? Are you looking for a reliable company that can ship your packages – be it large or small – from the USA to Kenya? At LincTech, we are equipped to meet your technology needs and shipping requirements. We offer a broad range of services and computer system products that you can choose from according to your preference. Want to know more? Please continue browsing through our website or contact us at +1-800-571-9010 to talk to a representative.

we are now shipping Cargo via Air

It takes approximately one week from the day the cargo departs the US to get it to Nairobi. Charges are based on weight at $9.5 per kg (kg = 2.2 lbs.). The amount that you pay is all inclusive and no other charges at destination. Our pick up location at destination is at Norwich Union House (opposite Hilton Hotel), Nairobi Kenya. Our shipments depart every two weeks. Due to importation regulations in Kenya, we must receive shipment 1 week prior to shipping date to allow time for the pre-export inspection process. For more inquiries call +1-800-571-9010.

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